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Pest Control For Your Home

Has your home been affected by a pest infestation? We can employ a range of solutions that will effectively ward off pests without causing damage to your home. Many homes around the UK have an untreated pest problem, whether it be a small, unnoticed wasp nest in the loft or under the eaves, or a mouse colony in the walls or basement which is ever-increasing in numbers. GP Environmental have the latest equipment and training to effectively rid your property of all pests.

Pest Control Advisory Service

GP Environmental provides a free, discrete, no obligation pest control advisory service to the domestic market. Our technicians are qualified to provide helpful expertise on any pest control issue you may need information on. From prevention tips to the best method to deal with a pest, we can help.

We Are Trained To Deal With:

•   Mice

•   Rats

•   Wasps

•   Cockroaches

•   Fleas

•   Bed bugs


In fact, we can deal with any pest infestation.